Panic Attack Chest Pain: The Variation Between An Asthma & A Panic Attack!

Published: 14th May 2009
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The majority of times, people undergoing an asthma attack frequently feel as though they are suffering from a panic attack. In contrast, a large amount of people who are having panic attacks sometimes get it confused with asthma attack in their heads. For the vital treatment to be administered, you must be able to know which attack you are undergoing per time, though the symptoms of both panic attack and asthma attack are related.

You may be in awe as to how you know the difference linking an asthma attack and a panic attack. Repeatedly it is not easy to tell at first because both can cause shortness of breath. In contrast, a panic attack victim may notice the same symptoms as the asthma sufferer: tightness in the chest and shortness of breath. Due to his putting up with some trouble with breathing, the person may be plagued by the onset of fear. Unlike the case of the asthma attack sufferer, this person's airway is not restricted or narrowed, so therefore the use of an inhaler is senseless.

For the reason that a panic attack is more of a "mind thing," it is over and over again referred to as psychosomatic. This is not to say that persons who suffer from panic attacks are crazy. To the people who endure, panic attacks are very real and petrifying!

In the case of panic attacks, your mind can be forced to calm down and get through the attack. Even if it will be tricky at the inception, eventually you can really school your mind to go through some calming methods during a panic attack. If you know what to do before a panic attack occurs, you would be better organized to take advantage of the "deep breathing" techniques. By practicing deep breathing exercises during those times when everything is normal, you will condition your mind to do them when an attack starts.

So, as you might have noticed, unlike the wheezing and coughing that goes with asthma, panic attack victims rarely suffer them. The wheezing is a result of the restricted airway that occurs during an asthma attack. Although both types of attacks can mimic the other, it is important for you to be able to identify the differences before an attack commences.

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